Milind Lingineni

Developer. Renaissance Man. Visionary.

Who am I?

I ask myself that very question every day. Is it my atomic and cellular makeup that defines me? How about my personality and brain? How would teleportation screw up the definition of self? I love delving into the deeper questions in life, finding connections between seemingly disparate fields.

But enough of my metaphysical ramblings, here's the quick rundown: I'm a freshman Computer Science major at the Georgia Institute of Technology hailing from the great state of California. My primary interests lie in artificial intelligence (especially machine learning) and the Internet of Things. Although my specialization is computer science, I have a broad range of interests in everything from philosophy, psychology, and biology to the more logical physics, CS, and math that contribute to unique and innovative thoughts. I'm proficient in Java and SQL and am familiar with Python, Assembly, C, and HTML/CSS/Javascript with several frameworks. I'm currently involved in several CS clubs: The Agency (artificial intelligence), GIT MAD (Android dev), and GT-WebDev (self-explanatory). I was also the Technology Commissioner for my high school's ASB (the highest student government) where I applied web development and administrative skills to benefit my school. I also participate in many hackathons, creating projects at HackGT, HackNC, and HackDuke so far.

I love programming and problem solving, so CS is the perfect field for me. I hope to find a fulfilling career in AI or IoT and develop professional and interpersonal acumen along the way. I actively looking for summer internships and may minor in technology and management or math while here are Georgia Tech. Per aspera ad astra!

Resume and Skills

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"Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes."
- Edsger Dijkstra


Winner of HackDuke Best Use of Facebook API prize! Personal carbon footprint tracker that enables the ordinary individual to take action against climate change. Android app in which I wrote much of core Java that integrated the various XML layouts and scoring algorithms. I also made the app interactive. Click here for Devpost link. Also, click here for GitHub link.

Summarize Co.

HackGT project that helps potential job applicants form better relations with companies, creating richer dialogue between recruiters and individuals. Website created using Indeed's API, Wikipedia's API, Python and Flask. First hackathon project but somewhat slow. Click image for link.


Web app developed for HackNC that suggests the best attractions for a road trip from a start and final destination. Made using using Esri’s ArcGIS Javascript API, Yelp’s API, Flask, and Google App Engine. Click the image for the link.

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I'd love to get to know you more! Feel free to shoot me an email through the interwebs and I'll to get back to you as soon as possible.